Will to Win Spinal Cord Symposium 2013 – Participants and Sponsors

Will to Win Spinal Cord Symposium - Spinal Motor Control: Neurons, Networks, Movement

May 13 & 14, 2013
Inn at the Forks
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


David Bennett University of Alberta
Marc Binder Washington University
Robert Burke NIH (Emeritus)
Trevor Drew University of Montreal
Réjean Dubuc UQAM, Montreal
Eftekhar Eftekharpour University of Manitoba
Karim Fouad University of Alberta
Alain Frigon University of Sherbrooke
Monica Gorassini University of Alberta
Martyn Goulding Salk Institute
Sten Grillner Karolinska Institute
Ron Harris-Warrick Cornell University
Charles Heckman Northwestern University
Shawn Hochman Emory University
Hans Hultborn University of Copenhagen
Elzbieta Jankowska University of Gothenburg
Soheila Karimi University of Manitoba
Ole Kiehn Karolinska Institute
David Magnuson University of Louisville
Marina Martinez University of Montreal
Lorne Mendell Stony Brook University
Vivian Mushahwar University of Alberta
Brian Noga Miami Project
Marie-Claude Perreault Emory University
Arthur Prochazka University of Alberta
Jorge Quevedo CINVESTAV Mexico
Serge Rossignol University of Montreal
Pablo Rudomin CINVESTAV Mexico
Robert Skinner University of Arkansas
Urszula Slawinska Nencki Institute, Poland
Richard Stein University of Alberta
Doug Stuart University of Arizona
Laurent Vinay CNRS Marseille
Patrick Whelan University of Calgary

Organizing Committee

Brian Schmidt & Dave McCrea (Manitoba),
John Steeves (UBC), Robert Brownstone (Dalhousie)


The Spinal Cord Research Centre gratefully acknowledges
the generous support of our sponsors.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Health Sciences Centre Foundation Manitoba Health Research Council University of Manitoba

Hosted by the Spinal Cord Research Centre at the University of Manitoba

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