Monthly Archives: July 2016

Dr. James Nagy receives two 2016 CIHR Project Grants

Congratulations to Dr. James Nagy on his success in the recently announced CIHR Project Grant opportunities. Dr. Nagy received funding for the following projects: Structural composition and regulation of electrical synapses in the CNS, $573,375 for 5 years Electrical synapses formed by connexin45 in mammalian CNS, $100,000 for 1 year

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Nagakannan Pandian recipient of the 2016 Research Manitoba/Will to Win PhD Graduate Studentship

The SCRC would like to congratulate Nagakannan Pandian on being the first recipient of the Research Manitoba/Will to Win PhD Graduate Studentship for his project entitled: “Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of cell death after spinal cord injury and aims to search for novel therapeutic approaches.” Mr. Nagakannan Pandian is a graduate student in Dr. Eftekharpour‘s […]

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