SCRC Researchers Accepting New Students and Trainees

A number of SCRC Principal Investigators are looking to bring in new students or trainees to their labs. Browse through their profile pages to see what research they are pursuing. You may contact researchers directly, or enquire with the Physiology general office, to find out more about graduate studies at our centre in the Department of Physiology.

  • Dr. Eftekhar Eftekarpour: Spinal cord injury, oxidative stress and neurotrauma, novel pharmacological approaches for neural cell protection, neural stem cell biology.
  • Dr. Sari Hannila: Axonal regeneration, CNS myelin, MAG, SLPI, Smad2, TGF-beta signaling, reactive astrogliosis.
  • Dr. Soheila Karimi: Spinal cord injury, neural stem cells, regenerative medicine, spinal cord repair and regeneration, gliogenesis, directed in vivo oligodendroglial differentiation, preclinical therapeutic interventions in spinal cord injury.