2012 Manitoba Neuroscience Network Poster Competition Award Winners

Manitoba Neuroscience Network
3rd Annual Scientific Meeting
June 4, 2012

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network thanks all participants for making the 2012 Manitoba Neuroscience Network meeting another success. A poster competition was held. All submitted abstracts were ranked by a panel of 4 principal investigators. The top 6 in each of the student and postdoc categories were chosen for in-person judging in poster form at the meeting. We are pleased to announce that the winners are as follows:

Student Category Winner: Edna Esteli Vasquez-Dominguez, Spinal Cord Research Centre
“Acetylcholine induces a hyperpolarization of voltage threshold in neonatal rat spinal motoneurons.”
Student Category Runner-Up: Amrit Boese, Public Health Agency of Canada
“Examining microRNAs in NMDA related excitotoxicity in prion induced neurodegeneration”

Postdoctoral Fellow Category Winner: Dr. Amit Kamboj, St. Boniface Hospital Research
“Bnip3 up-regulation and mitochondrial dysfunction in PARP-1 induced neurotoxicity”
Postdoctoral Fellow Category Runner-Up: Dr. Ali Saleh, St. Boniface Hospital Research
“Evidence of a neuroprotective role of nuclear factor-κB in oxidative stress induced by rabies virus in adult rat dorsal root ganglion neurons.”

Thanks to all judges and participants.

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