Congratulations to Dr. Gardiner on his CIHR Team Grant

Dr. Phillip Gardiner and colleagues at the University of Western Ontario were awarded a 5 year grant totaling $2,385,043 (equipment $56,565).

Project Title: CIHR Team in Physical Activity, Mobility and Neural Health

Principal Investigators:
SHOEMAKER, Kevin J; GARDINER, Phillip F; HACHINSKI, Vladimir; HEATH, Matthew; MELLING, Jamie; NOBLE, Earl G; PETRELLA, Robert J; RICE, Charles L; ST. LAWRENCE, Keith S; SUSKIN, Neville G

BATTRAM, Danielle S; MCGOWAN, Cheri L; MILNE, Kevin J; SALMONI, Alan W; ZAMIR, Mair

Research Institution: University of Western Ontario, Department of Kinesiology

Program: Team Grant: Physical Activity, Mobility and Health