Graham McLeod receives 4 awards at Joe Doupe ceremony

Graham McLeod, a BSc Med graduate from Dr. Karimi‘s lab, received 4 awards for his BSc Med thesis during the award ceremony at the Annual Joe Doupe Lecture Event last Thursday. Graham’s thesis presentation, entitled “Development of new therapies for myelin repair in multiple sclerosis”, was chosen as one of the top three and therefore he was invited to give his presentation at the Joe Doupe Memorial Lecture Event.

Graham’s awards included: 1) Award to top BSc Med students to represent Manitoba in the National Medical Student Forum in Galveston, Texas in spring 2019, 2) Award for the best BSc Med thesis with potential for commercial applications, 3) MMSF thesis award, 4) Award for Outstanding BSc Med Presentation.

The Spinal Cord Research Centre is proud to highlight our trainee’s success. Well done, Graham.