Phillip F. Gardiner, Ph.D.

Professor, Physiology & Pathophysiology
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management

University of Manitoba

The Spinal & Neuromuscular Plasticity Lab
404 BMSB
Dr. Gardiner’s program is designed to attempt to uncover basic adaptive mechanisms in nerve cells and neural circuits, and to provide evidence for activity-related adaptations in the central nervous system. The knowledge generated by the research program is necessary for the development of a mechanistic approach to the use of exercise as a rehabilitative tool in conditions of neural and neuromuscular deficiencies. These conditions include those caused by normal and abnormal aging, those resulting from trauma and disease, or chronic inactivity-related neural and neuromuscular deficiencies.

Dr. Gardiner has a unique combination of knowledge in the areas of exercise physiology, neurophysiology and molecular biology, and research skills in applying this knowledge to a highly pertinent research laboratory approach.

Areas of Expertise
Adaptations in spinal cord, neuromuscular junction and muscle to alterations in chronic activity levels; adaptability of biophysical, neurochemical and morphological properties of motoneurons.
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