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Parameter: Normalization

Full name: Normalization of step cycle lengths
Parameter type: Y or N
Initial value: Y

Affects: all graphs of "something" vs step cycle

For graphs where the X-axis represents the cycle phase, because the cycles vary in length, they are usually normalized to the same length, so that both the starts and the ends of the cycles line up. The X-axis represents the position in the cycle, from 0 to 1, and the cycle displayed may be repeated several times, as selected by the "Cycles on graph" parameter (which also allows selection of polar plots).

If this option is disabled, only the starts of cycles are lined up, and the X-axis represents time from the start of the cycle. The "Cycles on graph" parameter then has no effect.

Normalization can be performed separately on the active and inactive phases of each cycle, if you enable this feature using the "Percent of cycle active" parameter. Otherwise, cycles are scaled linearly regardless of where activity ends within each cycle.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SGN  Normalization  Y


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