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Parameter: Cycles on graph

Full name: Number of cycles displayed on graph
Range: [ 0, 32767 ]
Initial value: 2

Affects: all graphs of "something" vs step cycle

For graphs where the X-axis represents the cycle phase, when the "Normalization" option is enabled, the "Cycles on graph" parameter selects the number of times cycles are repeated along the X-axis. The axis is labelled from 0 to the number of cycles.

This parameter can also be set to 0. One cycle will still be displayed, but it will be drawn as a polar plot. The position in the cycle (usually the X coordinate) determines the angle where a point is drawn. The angles are labelled around the graph, in degrees. An angle of zero gives some point directly right of centre, 1/4 cycle is directly above centre (90 deg.), 1/2 cycle directly left (180 deg.), etc. The Y coordinate determines the distance of the point from the centre of the graph. It is usually a good idea to disable "Auto scale", and fix the Y-axis lower-bound at 0 for polar plots. The Y-axis labels appear in the upper-left quadrant of polar plots. They are drawn using the same scaling as a one-cycle linear plot. You can easily switch between the two, by alternating this parameter between 0 and 1. Only normalized cycle graphs make use of this parameter, so only they can be made into polar plots.


Key sequence  Parameter Initial Value
<Esc>SGC  Cycles on graph  2


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