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Students who do not study statistics formally in their degrees invariably discover that a good working knowledge of stats is essential to their research and progress. Here is some web information to assist any students (and staff) who may need online resources on statistics.

The following websites provide numerous valuable resources on statistics:

http://statistics.com/ Statistics.com - The Web Resource for Statistics
http://www.stat.ucla.edu/ UCLA Statistics Homepage
http://www.stat.ufl.edu/vlib/statistics.html The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics
http://sportsci.org/resource/stats/index.html A New View of Statistics

Here are even some Statistics textbooks on the web:

http://www.psychstat.missouristate.edu/ASPX/IntroStatText.aspx Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications by David Stockburger
http://www.stat.ucla.edu/textbook/ UCLA Statistics Textbook - The Study of Stability in Variation
http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/index.html HyperStat Online

There are numerous useful texts on the subjects which I am sure others can suggest, but here is a simple book and CD (for MAC and PC) that augments what you will find in standard texts:

An Electronic Companion to Statistics
by George Cobb
Cogito Press
ISBN 1-888902-42-6

See also:
http://abacus.bates.edu/~ganderso/biology/resources/statistics.html A Painless Guide to Statistics
http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/seminars/statteach/sites.htm Resources for Teaching Statistics (UCLA IDRE)
http://www.stat.ufl.edu/vlib/statistics.html The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

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