Older SCRC News

Here is a collection of older news items that we have not migrated to our new WordPress blog.

2007-May-02 WCSN sponsors 3 awards at MSSS
2007-Apr-03 Drs. Ben Albensi and Derrick Oliver receive NSERC Equipment Award
2007-Feb-02 Harper announces $30 million for spinal cord injuries network
2007-Feb-01 SCRC Journal Club 2007 Schedule now on-line
2006-Dec-11 Dr. Gordon Glazner – top guru for Yahoo Answers
2006-Aug-21 Winners of the 2006 Society for Neuroscience Travel Awards
2005-Oct-20 2005 SFN Student Travel Award
2005-Apr-04 Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Columbia researchers receive $3 million
to combat genetic killer of infants & toddlers
2004-Nov-03 Neuroscience Rounds SCHEDULE for 2004 – 2005 in PDF format (Adobe)
2004-Oct-12 Christopher Reeve dies at age 52
2004-Jul-15 Congratulations to the 2004 Will-to-Win Champions
2003-Nov-21 Winnipeg Chapter Society for Neuroscience Presents….
2003-Sep-15 Spinal Cord Research Group Seminars – REVISED Fall Schedule 2003
2003-Aug-28 Spinal Cord Research Group Seminar – Fall Schedule 2003
2003-Jan-09 2003 Membership Dues – webform now available!
2002-Oct-17 Welcome to New Faculty, Students and Staff 2002
2002-Jun-07 HLHP Research Institute: Neuromuscular Function and
Driving Research – Call for Participation
2002-May-29 UM Psychology student wins international award
2001-Dec-14 World Wide Web is now Ten Years Old
2001-Aug-16 NEWS from IBRO’s US/Canada regional committee
2001-Jul-25 NIH Clinical Center Develops On-line Clinical Research Training
2001-May-10 SFN 2001 Graduate Student Travel Award Competition
2001-May-10 Master’s Degree Program in Physiology (Spinal fMRI Research)
2001-May-02 U of M Receives Three New Canada Research Chairs
2001-Feb-13 Dr. Arnold H. Greenberg (1941-2001)
2001-Jan-22 Web-based Neuroscience Lectures – IBRO IAC-USNC
2000-Dec-11 NASA Robotics May Soon Help Spinal Cord Patients Take First Steps
2000-Oct-19 Dr. Singal appointed assoc. dean in Graduate Studies
2000-Oct-19 Fall Convocation honours… Dr. Henry Friesen
2000-Oct-18 Neuroscience Research Seminar – Dr. James Nagy – Postponed
2000-Oct-09 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2000 awarded
2000-Oct-05 24 Winnipeg Presentations at SFN 2000 Meeting
2000-Oct-05 WCSN welcomes Dr. Ivanco
2000-May-08 Dr. Dhalla Awarded 2000 CMA Medal of Honour
2000-Apr-03 Congratulations to Dr. Sabine Mai
1999-Dec-10 Free APS journal back issues online
1999-May-25 Applications for Awards in Cardiovascular Sciences
1999-Mar-01 Physiology Department Welcomes Dr. Geoff Hicks
1999-Jan-12 MRC Canadian Neurotrauma Research Program
1998-Nov-20 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Need Your Involvement
1998-Jul-21 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting programme now online
1998-Jun-18 SCRC Bids Farewell to Lloyd Tymchyshyn
1998-May-08 EMEMO: Visiting Professor Dr. James Goldman
1998-May-06 Registration Reminder of 12th Biennial Meeting of the ISDN
1998-Mar-15 Neuronal Mechanisms for Generating Locomotor Activity
1998-Mar-11 Neuroscience Day at U of M Bannatyne Campus
1998-Mar-05 Deadlines for reference letters
1998-Mar-05 Psychology / Neuroscience Assist. Professorship, Lethbridge
1998-Mar-01 Brain Awareness Month Begins
1998-Feb-26 Pharmacology Guest Speaker
1998-Feb-19 Stroke Care Symposium
1998-Feb-18 Brain Awareness Month 1998
1998-Feb-18 Guest Speaker Pharmacology
1998-Feb-16 MB Neurotrauma Funding Competition
1997-Nov-15 Web Server Upgrade
1997-Oct-16 Second Annual Complex Spine Day
1997-Oct-07 Research Seminar – Dr. Fiona Parkinson
1997-Oct-02 SCRC Seminar – Sonia L. Carlson, Ph.D.


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