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SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Software - Tutorial 9

Reframing, tagging frames (even cycles) and the raster program

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Uses the sample data set emc0503.

9.1 Reframing as an indirect way to tag cycles
9.2 Selecting the waveforms and range of interest
9.3 Setting the trigger for the frames
9.4 Displaying traces in Analysis
9.5 Displaying and handling traces in Frameselect
9.6 Performing analyses on a subset of the frames from a trace
9.7 Appending averages with the Appendrun command
9.8 Raster plot of all the traces that were included in the average. This is produced by setting yes to preview and by choosing the preview to be saved when doing a bins-save.
9.9 Subtleties about setting spikes and spike trains
9.10 Dumprun commmand

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