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SCRC Data Capture and Analysis Software
Expanded Channel Capability

The big news this year about the SCRC Capture and Analysis software is the expanded channel capability. The software is no longer limited to 16 channel, 12 bit A/D converters, nor just 16 waveforms for analysis. We are currently testing a new version which can fully support 64 channel, 16 bit A/D converters, and up to 100 waveforms or traces per run file.

While this is still a work in progress, and there may yet be more changes to the file format to support new features, we consider it ready for distributing as a beta release. So, if you're interested in beta testing this new version of the software, please let us know and we'll help you get set up with it.

Note that the new version makes use of modified file formats to support the extra channels, so you may run into compatibility problems if you try to use the new files on older versions of the software. If you have more than one system at your site, and want to become a beta test site for the new version, you should probably install the new version on all your systems if you need to move data back and forth between systems.

You can take advantage of the extra channel capacity even with an existing 16 channel A/D, by using the extra waveforms for filtering or other post-processing. If you want to upgrade your A/D to a 64 channel board, you will need to purchase a new A/D board as well as a 64 channel buffer (if you currently need a 16 channel buffer or are adding signal sources that have high impedance outputs) and a 64 channel patch panel. Essentially, you can follow the advice in the Recommended Suppliers section of our Fact Sheet, but change the "-16" in the part numbers to "-64" for 64 channel versions. The cables are the same for 16 and 64 channel PowerDAQ boards. If you need higher than 12-bit resolution in your captured signals, you may want to consider the PD2-MF-64-2M/14H model (14-bit) or the PD2-MF-64-500/16H model (16-bit) A/D board.

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