SCRC and MPF hosts
Will-to-Win Symposium
April 27-28 2004.

Restoring Function Following Spinal Cord Injury: Basic Science Contributions

The Spinal Cord Research Centre and the Manitoba Paraplegia Foundation hosted the
Will-to-Win Symposium
'Recovering Function Following Spinal Cord Injury:
Basic Science Contributions

in Winnipeg on March 27-28, 2004
This two day symposium highlighted progress in the rehabilitation and treatment of spinal cord injury and honoured the
significant contribution of the Will-To-Win Golf Classic of over $700 000 to spinal cord research in Winnipeg.
SCRC Director Dr. David McCrea opened the symposium   Dr. Susan Harkema from UCLA gave a public evening lecture on locomotor training after human spinal cord injury for the recovery of walking.
Dr. Susan Harkema and George Dyck, past president of the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Manitoba)   l-r: Will-to-Win Classic President Doug Finkbeiner Q.C., Golf Committee Chairman Dr. Jan Brown and Dr David McCrea.
The opening presentations and public evening lecture was followed by a reception
Invited speakers (l-r): Drs Susan Harkema, Reggie Edgerton, Vivian Mushahwar, John Downie, Serge Rossignol and Rob Brownstone   All speakers (l-r): Drs David McCrea, Larry Jordan, Susan Harkema, Reggie Edgerton, Susan Shefchyk, Vivian Mushahwar, John Downie, Serge Rossignol, Brian Schmidt, Rob Brownstone and Brent Fedirchuk.
The Will-to-Win Classic was represented by (l-r): Ray Cadieux, Dave Leitold, Bob Johnson, and Jan Brown, on right picture flanked on the left by David McCrea
Susan Shefchyk, Brian Schmidt, Jonathan Gilmore and Kris Cowley (past Canadian Paraplegic Association (Manitoba) Executive Director).   Canadian Paraplegic Association (Manitoba) Executive Director Audrey McIlraith and SCRC Director Dave McCrea

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