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Journal Club 2018-19

In continuation of our SCRC Journal club seminar series this year we will resume our weekly meetings starting Friday November the 9th, 2018 just after SFN.

Please find the schedule for the 2018-2019 SCRC Journal Club series below. You will notice we will have some invited speakers in addition to trainees. Please, note our new time and location - it is 11am to noon on Fridays in room 405 of Brodie Centre.

In our view the main objectives of having a journal club are:

  1. Develop and hone critical thinking skills.
  2. Develop a breadth of knowledge in the sciences related to spinal cord injury.
  3. Creating a platform for the trainees and PIs to interact and get to know some possible collaborators.

To meet these objectives, and increase the possibility of interaction we thought of tweaking the format. The presentation should be about a recent journal article or more relevant to the students' project. When presenting a paper, questions that can be addressed by the student are:

  1. Why this paper is of interest?
  2. How is this paper relevant to your project?
  3. What did this paper add to the field?
  4. What are the shortcomings of the work?
  5. What can be done differently or be the next step from this paper?
  6. The presenter can use the paper to segue into their own data and techniques.

The journal club may be used to present data to get feedback on the direction of their work or alternative understanding of their results if the need arises.

It is expected of each trainee to be prepared to present in their allotted time. In case of unavoidable circumstances, trainees can arrange to switch their scheduled talks with another presenter and inform us of any changes as soon as possible.


See our Event Calendar, journal club news postings, or search our site for journal club to see details on scheduled presentations.

Schedule for 2018-2019 (subject to change):            PDF version of schedule




Host lab

October 26, 2018 MNN seminar
November 02, 2018 No Journal club (SFN meeting)
November 09, 2018 André Coleman MSc student Stecina/Cowley
November 16, 2018 No Journal club
November 23, 2018 Farhad Asadi BME PhD student Stecina/Lithgow
November 30, 2018 MNN seminar
December 07, 2018 Dr. Sergiy Yakovenko Guest Speaker Yakovenko lab at UWV
(over Skype)
December 14, 2018 Dr. Shawn Hochman Guest Speaker Hochman lab at Emory
University (in person visit)
December 21, 2018 No Journal club
January 11, 2019 Hossein Tavakoli MSc student Nagy/Stecina
January 18, 2019 Katrina Armstrong PhD student Jordan/Stecina
January 25, 2019 MNN seminar
February 01, 2019 Mona Nazzal PhD student Jordan/Slawinska
February 08, 2019 Nagakannan Pandian PhD student Eftekharpour
February 15, 2019 Christopher Hart PhD student Karimi
February 22, 2019 MNN seminar
March 01, 2019 Hardeep Kataria Postdoctoral trainee Karimi
March 08, 2019 Narjes Shahsavani MSc student Karimi
March 15, 2019 Brain Awareness Week
March 22, 2019 Md. Imamul Islam Postdoctoral trainee Eftekharpour
March 29, 2019 MNN seminar
April 05, 2019 TBD
April 12, 2019 Dr. Paul Fernyhough Guest Speaker Pharmacology & Therapeutics
April 19, 2019 Holiday - Good Friday
April 26, 2019 MNN seminar
May 03, 2019 Dr. Dean Kriellaars Guest Speaker College of Rehabilitation Sci.
May 10, 2019 TBD
May 17, 2019 Arsalan Alizadeh Research Associate Karimi
May 24, 2019 MNN seminar
May 31, 2019 TBD
June 07, 2019 TBD

Email addresses for participants can be obtained from the co-ordinators, Mona Nazzal and Katinka Stecina.


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